It is a truth universally acknowledged that domestic chores such as cleaning are time-consuming, exhausting and can be incredibly stressful. The bad news is that unfortunately if you want a comfortable home where you can relax and enjoy yourself, you cannot afford to skip on too many of them. Even though domestic chores need to be tackled on a regular basis, there are those among them that you can do less often, thus saving time and energy that would be much better invested in more pleasant endeavours. At the same time, your home will not suffer from it.

Vacuuming low-traffic areas

Even though the carpet in the living room and the one in the hallway might need to run a vacuum over them once a day, there are other areas, sustaining less traffic, that you can skip for several days at a time. Vacuuming once a week in rooms that you do not go in so often, or you just do not spend too much time at, will save you time that you can enjoy with your family, or a hobby.


It all depends on yours and your family needs, but in general, people do not need to do the laundry on a daily basis either. Once a week for colours and once a week for whites should be more than enough in most cases. If you can set aside half an hour a week to iron everything as it comes out of the drier, you will be able to further save valuable time, because you will manage to finish everything faster and better than if you iron every shirt just before you put it on, usually in a hurry and already late for work.

Washing the windows

Clean windows add to the curb-appeal of your property and improve the quality of the light entering your home from the outside. This, however, does not mean that you should do it daily, or even weekly. In many cases specialists offer that the regular household should have their windows cleaned from the inside once every couple of months, and once a season on the outside. Window washing can be a risky business that requires:

    • Specialised tools
    • Certain skills
    • Bravery, especially if you live on a high floor
    • Favourable weather conditions

Those are all good reasons to leave the jobs to the professionals, for example when you opt for a cleaning contractor to help you with spring cleaning or book a reliable deep cleaning service in London to put things at your home in order.

Cleaning cupboards on the inside

If you create a habit for yourself and your family to put everything in its right order after you are done using it, and you are careful not to spill, cleaning cupboards from the inside can become a task necessitating your attention only two or three times a year. Since such a line of work tends to be rather tedious, it is only good news that you can do it so rarely.

Caption: Usually, daily vacuuming can be a good idea, but not in all cases