Most people think that doing any cleaning chore around the house regardless of the time or order is considered good cleaning. But whether you clean your house every day or only during weekends, there is a certain order you can also apply to make your clean-up easier and quicker.

Make sure you have all cleaners and tools ready

Before you start with the clean-up, you have to make sure that you have all the right cleaners and cleaning tools ready. The last thing you want is rushing to the store after you realize you are out of window cleaner and you planned to have them cleaned. In order to prevent wasting your precious time, make a plan of cleaning chores and write down cleaners and tools you will need to get the job done.

Use cleaning products smartly

Make the best of your cleaning products in the parts of your house where you have heavy cleaning to take care of. Your kitchen and your bathroom are places with the stubborn stains, soap scum, greasy stains, and other. All you have to do is:

  • spray those nasty spots
  • give the cleaning products time to work
  • let it sit for half an hour, or more
  • clean up those sprayed areas easily and quickly

Declutter before cleaning

Cleaning a room with the clothes lying on the floor or books and papers spread over the table can be a real challenge. It is recommended that you declutter first and return the items to their original place before you start with cleaning. Sort out items. Dirty clothes go to a laundry basket, trash into a trash can and other miscellaneous items to their original place. After you see clear surfaces, you can proceed with the clean-up. It will be much easier and faster to vacuum, dust and wipe tables without tripping over stuff. In case you need a professional and top-quality carpet cleaning service in London, hire a reputable and experienced cleaning company.

Concentrate on a single room at a time

When cleaning, you need to be organized. This means that you need to choose one room and stick with it until it is done. Multitasking, in this case, can only make things worse. Once you choose the room, make sure you clean it completely because only this way you will see the results and your effort. Also, make sure you start from the top to the bottom, from the ceiling to the floor. If you are having a hard time to decide which room to clean first, perhaps you can start with the toughest ones. Once you are done with the most difficult rooms, like the kitchen, for example, it will be easier to clean the rest once fatigue kicks in.

Create a weekly chore plan

If you have a busy schedule and organization is necessary, it would be great to create a chore plan that will work for each family member, including kids. Write down all the chores around the place and let each family member has chores that will work best for them and their abilities. One person can do the laundry, other can vacuum, etc. Everybody will do their part and your house will look great!