Here are a few examples of what our clients had to say:

From: Ltd Company

We are a small business and always looking to reduce office rent expenses so we recently underwent an office relocation and used your end of tenancy cleaning for business customers. Quite happy with results and overall price, the cleaners were organised and knew what they were doing. Rental agents did not have any problems with the level of results.

From: R. J.

Had my move out cleaning done by your company – thanks for the good job! The flat was a bit of a mess I admit, but the cleaners weren’t fazed by it at all, everything was spanking clean with half hour to spare – well done.

From: Ana W.

Appreciate you booking me in for the last minute – we really had to move out by the end of the month so your guys coming in on such a short notice was a really nice surprise. About the end of lease cleaning – everything was fine, we did not have any issues with the landlord.

From: Rae and Catriona

Good service, reasonable price. We were a bit iffy at the start because this is the first time we ever used professional tenancy cleaning but as it turned out your cleaners had the experience and skills to do everything properly. Many thanks.