Carpet Cleaning

Remove all the dirt and dust caught in your carpet and turn your home/office into a healthier place.Learn More

Sofa Cleaning

No spot or dirt on your sofa will be a problem. Our cleaners will swiftly remove it for your convenience.Learn More

Spring Cleaning

A top to bottom cleaning of your home is necessary at least once an year and he’ll help you do it.Learn More

Efficient Property Cleaning – End of Tenancy Clean-Up

In most instances, vacating tenants (residential or commercial) are required to organise for a professional grade end of tenancy cleaning service which meets certain criteria set forth by the landlord or letting agent acting on their behalf. The scale and specifics of tenancy cleaning usually call for the need of specialised assistance – this is something we can be of help with, and ensure customers receive the highest quality cleaning results at the best possible price.

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning

The tenancy cleaning service we organise and provide in London is a fully comprehensive solution which covers a wide range of standard as well as specific cleaning chores and requirements. Private and business clients can expect efficient cleaning practices, high standard of results and moderate service costs. For extra customer convenience the cleaning service itself can be adjusted as per individual needs and wants, or made to include additional options (specialised cleaning treatments).

Wow, just wow. My carpets looked pretty much brand new once the cleaning team was finished. 10/10, would use your company again.Tegan W.

End to end coverage of all tenancy cleaning requirements

In order to yield and present consistent, high quality results our technicians subject the entire premises to thorough and effective cleaning which covers all rooms and areas. Of course, more time and effort will be invested in bringing up to scratch areas like:

  • Kitchen and wet rooms (bathroom, toilet, en-suite bathrooms etc.)
  • Hallways, staircases, front and backdoor areas;
  • Any other room/area which sees lots of use thus needs extra cleaning effort;

The above listed areas are usually considered either heavy duty or high traffic therefore require more thorough cleaning. The same are also under more scrutiny during the final property inspection, but rest assured our cleaning teams will do their best to ensure high standard results and immaculate hygiene where it matters most.

Given the specifics of commercial tenancy cleaning, business customers in London can take full advantage of our flexible and versatile tenancy cleaning service.

Premium quality upholstery sanitation options

We offer upholstery cleaning services in London as a standalone option. We have the necessary tools and sanitation products to clean efficiently both natural and synthetic fabrics from which furniture upholstery is made. Furthermore, we have the tools to remove flawlessly and safely resilient stains from any material including leather. You can opt to combine our end of tenancy and upholstery cleaning services and benefit from an amazing discount.

Our cleaners, products and cleaning practices they use

Obviously in order to deliver best possible cleaning results we need the right people and the right equipment for the job. We have both boxes ticked as we employ professional cleaning technicians in London who have the required practical skills and service expertise to ensure industry standard results all round. Our cleaners are trained in the safe and efficient use and application of certified cleaning products, equipment and materials. Use of industry grade cleaning products and equipment not only ensures optimal results but also reduces service time and minimises resource and material waste. Tenancy cleaning is always carried out in the most efficient, structured and unobtrusive way possible.

My husband is always busy so I needed some professional help to get the house all clean before our second child was born. I’m thankful for the great service and friendly attitude.Monica G.

A green cleaning service

Ecofriendly cleaning services are a big thing right now but not many companies actually follow the rules and practices of sustainable cleaning. We on the other hand, care greatly for the health and wellbeing of our customers, their loved ones and the environment. Because of this our cleaners use only mild, nontoxic cleaning products and supplies which evaporate and dissolve shortly after without trace or residue. The cleaners are trained to work with minimum water and resource waste in order to reduce the environmental toll of our work.

Cost effective cleaning rates in London

Our prices are reasonable and can accommodate even the smallest sanitation budgets. We form our rates by taking into account the one of kind details of each job. We have chosen this pricing technique as it permits us to give to our clients the best value for their without compromising the quality of our London cleaning services. You can see for yourself that our fees are indeed fair by contacting us and asking for a free and final quote.

Service availability

Tenancy cleaning in London is available for booking seven days a week, including bank holidays. We offer flexible service hours during all days, this includes early mornings, weekends and evenings.

We are at the disposal of our clients 24-hours a day via our customer support centre. Our consultants are polite, knowledgeable and cooperative professionals, who will gladly answer to all your inquiries and provide you supplementary information about our cleaning services in London. If you desire, they will also lend you a hand with the booking process and make sure that you get the assistance that you need at the day and time that you need it.

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