Did you know that there are dust bunnies in nearly every home around the world? Compared to a regular bunny, however, these ones are neither cute nor harmless. That is why you will need to go on a dust bunny hunt around your house. But before that, you must get to know the enemy and learn a few tricks that will help you walk away with a victory.

What’s a dust bunny and where can you find it

Dust bunnyDust bunnies can be simply described as clumps of dust. They range in size and they usually hide behind or under:

  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Large decorations

Depending on the type of your flooring, you can also find them in the corners of the rooms or even on your curtains. Just like a normal bunny, the older the dust bunny the bigger it is. Aside from dust particles, they can also contain dead skin cells, soil, dirt and even dust mites.

A hidden threat

The debris that make up a dust bunny make it not only fluffy but also very dangerous. Believe it or not but these small balls of dust and dirt cannot only make you sneeze but they can also push you to unlock an allergy. If you already suffer from an allergy or other conditions like asthma, a respiratory disease or hay fever, the presence of even a single dust bunny will have negative effects on your health. That is namely why you must not give them a chance.

How to banish dust bunnies

Vacuum CleanerThe most effective weapon with which you should arm yourself when hunting for dust bunnies is a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you have a powerful vacuuming machine that has an effective air filter and a long hose which can reach all the way to the other side of the bed, for instance. If you have vacuuming accessories like a dusting brush, crevice tool or an upholstery nozzle – use them. If you don’t – buy some. They will help you vacuum your home properly. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum your furniture and the sofa cushions. Don’t skip the hard to reach areas because they are dust bunnies’ favourite playground.

Changing the air filters of your ventilation, heating or air conditioning will also help you in the battle against dust bunnies. When air filters get dirty or blocked, they can make your home dustier than the usual and that is all it takes for these mysterious creatures to show up.

However, the most effective measure that will prevent dust bunnies from taking over your home is to simply dust your house at least once every week. If you have pets, like cats or dogs, you will need to do that two or even more times a week since fallen animal hair is part of the dust bunny’s menu. Use a microfibre cloth to dust the surfaces in your home and book a meticulous team of cleaning technicians for a professional deep cleaning of your home every six months. The latter is the best way to get rid of dust bunnies.