If you have just moved in a new home, it is more than likely that the place needs some sprucing up before you can actually enjoy it in full. There is very little doubt that the kitchen is the most problematic, taunting and time-consuming location to sanitise, no matter whether we are talking about regular cleaning or specific one-off jobs like the one we will be talking about here. But the right attitude and some preparation go a long way into securing the success of such a line of work.

The easiest course of action

Naturally, the best thing to do in order to make sure that your new kitchen is actually ready to meet yours and your family’s needs is to hire professionals to tackle the cleaning. Most professional cleaning companies offering specialised end of tenancy cleaning services in London also deliver pre-tenancy solutions. You can have either just the kitchen or the whole property spruced top to bottom by licensed professionals which is going to save you time and a lot of energy. But it will also cost you a hefty sum of money. So, if you want to save the strain on your budget, you might want to try and tackle the job on your own. Just remember, if the task proves too challenging, there is no shame in asking the pros for help.

A few steps to a successful pre-tenancy cleaning of your kitchen

The kitchen is the most heavily used room in every house and apartment. That is why it is very important to start cleaning from there, even in order to just remove the cooking smells left by previous tenants of the property. There are several basic areas to pay attention to:

  • The first spot to treat is of course the fridge. It is the place where you store your food supplies so it is of utmost importance to make sure that it is very well sanitised and healthy. Sprinkling baking soda inside is a time-tested method for removing bad smell, but you might want to apply some heavy duty cleaners, including the special paste for fridges to be found in nearly every store, in order to make sure that mildew and other bad elements are absent once you start using the fridge.
  • The stove and the oven are also usually pretty hard to clean. There are specialised detergents for removing grease for ovens you should get your hands on. Wash the insides and the outsides of the appliance very well. And do not forget to push it from the wall and clean underneath it too.
  • After you are done with the toughest jobs move on to the cabinets and counters – make sure that all are empty and proceed to wipe them thoroughly using a damp cloth and some sort of a cleaning product to make them shiny and clean.
  • The last item on your to-clean list should be the sink. Scrub it well and do not use it until it is all dried up, in order to avoid making stains on the surface.