Taking a yoga class is beneficial for several reasons. You improve your physical as well as your mental health. However, yoga requires hard work and that’s why you become hot and sweaty quickly. This means that your yoga mat, which is directly exposed to humidity and high temperature of your body, might hide different germs and bacteria. It is known that humid and hot environments contain germs, viruses and bacteria, and they are great places for multiplying, and this is why you need to pay attention to cleaning your yoga mat regularly.

Hygiene should be put first

It is known that yoga studios are not subjected to strict hygienic standards, and germs and bacteria are present in such kinds of humid and hot spaces. Such places are regularly cleaned but you never know to what level they are sanitised. And if the space is not cleaned enough, your yoga mat comes into contact with those bacteria and germs and stay on it for several hours or even for few weeks. If these uninvited friends come in touch with your skin, it may cause skin infections, staphylococcus infections, herpes virus and many other unpleasant diseases. On the other hand, no matter how shocking that might have sound, there are ways to reduce your exposure to all these bacteria and germs and reduce the risk of coming down with infections and other health problems. Make time for cleaning your yoga mat so you know you can relax on your cleaned and sanitised mat to enjoy the numerous benefits of your yoga class. Also, don’t forget the floor – carpet cleaning can get you a long way.

Keeping your yoga mat clean

Yoga matOne of the most important things about yoga classes is that you avoid using yoga mats provided by your yoga studio. You never know how regularly they clean the mats and you don’t need that kind of guessing every time you decide to take the class. A person that has been using the mat before you might be sick and the chances are that all the germs and bacteria from the mat can be passed along to you. Therefore, it would be best to buy a high quality yoga mat that is durable even when cleaned regularly. Make sure you take your yoga mat with you to every class. Also, clean it thoroughly before the class and after the class. You can use a green cleaner that contains no toxic substances and wipe. This will minimize the spreading of bacteria on your yoga mat.

You forgot your yoga mat

In case you forget to bring your yoga mat to your class, you can use your towel and lay in down on top of it. Avoid direct contact with your face. You can also use a disinfection product and spray it on the top as well as on the back of the mat. Additionally, make sure to take a shower immediately after a yoga class at the studio. If showering at the studio is out of option, at least wash your hands until you get home to shower.