Having mould in your house is always incredibly unpleasant and annoying. That is because it gives your home a strange and unpleasant smell and it can also cause some damage to its structure. Most importantly, however, mould is extremely dangerous for your health since it can lead to:

  • Fungal infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Exposure to deadly toxins

That is why it is important to get rid of the mould in your house as soon as you can.

Why do you have mould in your house?

Mould is caused by high levels of humidity and moisture inside the property. That can happen if you have a leaking roof or a pipe, a damp basement and etc. Condensation can also cause the development of mould in your home. That is namely why you must open your windows every morning to let some fresh air in the room. Also, do that after showering, cooking or hanging wet clothes inside. Having a ventilation that is not working properly can also encourage the growth of mould in your house.

Before you get to the cleaning part

MouldYou must identify the exact reason that has led to the development of mould in your property. Otherwise, the problem will keep reoccurring constantly. If you struggle to figure out the root of the problem, try to adopt a number of anti-mould habits and tactics. One of them is to properly insulate your house and to place anti-humidity tablets in the dampest rooms of your home. Again, do not forget to open your windows regularly. Even if the house stays empty for the better half of the day, open all windows for about 15 minutes every morning. Avoid drying your clothes inside. If you don’t have another choice, put a heater or a fan in the room in which you are drying them.

Effective ways to clean mould

If you have mould on your walls, floor or some other surface in your house, you can try cleaning it with a regular domestic detergent. For surfaces that are less delicate, you can also use a bleach solution. Apply it and the wash it off well. Don’t forget to immediately start drying the area as soon as you clean it. Unfortunately, mould can be quite stubborn and it can return in a matter of a few hours. Therefore, do not repaint the walls or change your wallpapers just yet. Wait for a few days or even for an entire week before you do that simply to be sure that the annoying mould is gone for good. If you have wooden constructional elements in your home that have been negatively affected by mould, you may need to replace them.

Removing mould from furniture is not very hard. Again, you will need some water and a detergent. Once you finish cleaning them, dry them well. Washing machines do an excellent job when it comes to mould removal. You can use them to sanitise soft furnishings and clothes. Sadly, cleaning a mattress that has mould is a task which is doomed to failure. So, just go and buy a new one.