If you have ever owned a pet, you certainly know that the joy that a small furry friend can bring into your life is so big that you become willing to put up with things like:

  • Dirty paw prints on your carpets and furniture;
  • Hair everywhere;
  • The annoying smell of pee even when the house has just been cleaned;
  • Emergency cleaning situations;

And yet, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a better way to handle the more unpleasant side of having a pet which is a house that always seems dirty? You are at the right place because we will now present you to some of the best and lesser-known cleaning hacks for dog and cat owners.

Pictured: A messy dog

All that hair

Even if you are living with one tiny short haired chihuahua, your furniture pieces, carpets, rugs and clothes will still be covered in a lot of hair. Regular vacuum cleaning is a must when living with a furry friend but we both know that this is rarely enough to properly remove all the hair. Take a different approach – instead of vacuum cleaning your home, vacuum clean your pet. Don’t worry – you do not need to call PETA on us! There are special vacuum cleaner attachments that are made for this purpose. With them, vacuum cleaning your pet will be super easy for you and rather pleasant for your furry friend. To remove hair from your furniture and carpets, use a slightly wet rubber glove. It works like magic!

Fight bad smells with baking soda

Today, there are all kinds of pet-friendly detergents that smell like lily of the valley, lavender, vanilla and what not. However, most of them fail to properly eliminate the terrible smells. Instead, all they do is cover them up with a pleasant scent. Needless to say, the effect is, at best, temporary. A simple trick you can use to remove unpleasant pet smells is to use baking soda. For example, if some part of your carpet smells odd, gently rub some baking soda on it. Leave it for a few minutes or even hours and it should all go away.

Clean pee once and forever

Cleaning pee is part of many pet-owners’ daily routine but that does not mean that one can get used to it. Still, there is an easy way to conquer the pee stains and smells. Just clean the peed area with a pet-friendly detergent mixed with apple cider vinegar. The detergent will take care of the stain while the apple cider vinegar will remove the stink.

No more dirty paws in the house

This one is quite simple – baby wipes! Use them to wipe the paws of your pets before you let them inside the house. They contain no aggressive chemicals or alcohol and they even smell really nice. Baby-wipe the paws of your furry friend and there will be fewer things to clean later.

Clean vomit like a pro

Before we go, we have one last pet-owner cleaning hack for you and this one is a bit unusual. Cleaning vomit can be quite messy but if you leave it to dry, you will be able to scoop it all up quickly and easily. After that, treat the area with some detergent and you are good to go.