Scientists have been quite bold in their endeavours when it comes to carrying out cleaning around the planet. Naturally, they have issued a few warnings, such as global warming, a significant increase of plastic material in the seas, and the general recycling of everyday products in the big cities. London may now hold the key to clean air – a pressing issues that has seen multiple countries around Europe struggle with their energy needs. Through the development of new glass chimneys, scientists promise to clean the city’s air. If the experiment proves successful, the air of London may significantly improve and even dispel the slightest hint of dangerously high pollutants free-floating in our daily lives.

The Glass Chimney – A Marketing Opportunity

In true London fashion, there is a profit to be turned after all. First of all, those glass chimneys are not really chimneys. They are glass pillars that can be installed ‘piggyback’ on any existent electricity device, such as lamp-posts and phoneboxes, but also electric vehicle charging point (which is another attempt to tackle the increase of pollutants that we breather).

Some people cite energy concerns as a major worry amongst themselves, but the costs of operating a glass chimney are quite low as they use smart systems to tell them when to work and when to stop. In future, they could be linked to their own solar panels, which will speed along their recharging.

Not only that, but brands may benefit freely from everything that those glass chimneys have to offer. Their structure allows running holograms floating inside so that brands may get a chance to raise awareness about themselves or simply associate their name with cleaning up London, and the world in general.

How Does Traditional Cleaning Companies React?

ChimneyTraditional cleaning services in London are ubiquitous and you can readily deserve on them. However, these companies hire people to carry out cleaning services rather than develop solutions that could be adopted across a variety of mediums. With the technological shift worldwide, it is quite imaginable that people in the future may run cleaning companies that are not only focused on hiring cleaning experts to take care of your chores around the house, but also pioneer technological solutions that may very well change the whole industry.

If you are a Londoner, then you will benefit from the rare opportunity to have access to the world’s best cleaning companies. Whatever your worry may be, you may rest assured that you would not worry for too long. All cleaning companies have their experts available around the clock.

In other words, you can book a variety of services, all of which will be available at good pricing, too. Simply put, you can do a lot just by placing a call and getting a quote. Beyond that, it is up to the cleaning services to come at your place and restore it to its previous glory, before dirt, grime and grease have taken their firm hold over the house.