Aren’t wool carpets and rugs just lovely? They are so beautiful, soft and they can make any room feel cosy. Wool carpeting may be more expensive compared to other carpet fabrics but it offers many great advantages. For example, rugs made of wool:

  • Are more eco-friendly since they are bio-degradable
  • Can make a room seem cooler on hot and humid days
  • Have more intense and vivid colours due to the texture of the carpet’s fibres

The biggest disadvantage of this type of carpeting, however, is that they require special care and they need to be cleaned in a certain way. Otherwise, they will lose their good looks or fill your home with bacteria, allergens and pollens. If you have a wool carpet or a rug and you don’t know how to maintain and sanitise it, you will be glad to hear that we will give you a quick lesson that will help you keep your carpeting clean, pretty and happy.

Vacuum every week

Wool carpetDon’t be afraid to vacuum your wool carpets. Just make sure you use your vacuum cleaner at a lower setting. Some vacuuming machines even have a special setting for carpets. Still, you must remember to vacuum it side to side. Random movements may damage the fibres or stretch the carpeting. Once the dust and dirt settle into the fabrics of wool rugs and carpets, they can be very difficult to clean. That is why you must vacuum every single week to prevent that from happening.

Beat it and shake it

Another effective way to remove dust, animal hair and dirt from the surface of your wool carpets is if you beat or shake them. You can do that every month. However, don’t put too much muscle into it unless you want to tear up or stretch the carpeting.

Remove stains and spills immediately

Stains and spills are every carpet’s biggest enemy. Compared to nylon carpeting, for instance, that made from wool tends to be more resilient to such threats. Wool fibres keep the spills on the surface of the rug for a short while. That gives you some time to remove the stain. Nevertheless, don’t waste it and get to the task immediately, especially if the source of the spill was red wine or ink.

Wash it

One of the biggest myths about wool carpets is that they must not be washed with water. In reality, however, you can clean your wool carpeting with cool water and a mild soap solution. Rinse the soap well and leave the rug to dry as soon as you clean it. If you feel that the fibric is not as soft as it used to be before the cleaning, try vacuuming or brushing it.

Deep clean every year

Even if you religiously stick to all of the above-listed tips, you will still need to use a professional carpet cleaning service. That is the only way you can deep clean your wool carpets and rugs. Certified cleaning technicians have modern cleaning machines and a massive set of skills. Trust them.