A common question that professional cleaners get is related to the cleaning and maintenance of upholstery (sofas, curtains, carpets, rugs, etc.). People often get disappointed when they hear that there is no such a thing as a universal cleaning method that works on all types of upholstery fabrics. That disappointment is taken up a notch at the realisation that some fabrics are trickier to maintain than others because they:

  • Get easily stained
  • Require the use of special products, tools or machines
  • Are not child or pet-proof
  • Lack of good durability properties

If you want to make your life and your cleaning routine a little easier, you should choose the fabrics of your upholstery carefully. Some furniture pieces may look very luxurious but they are a nightmare to clean. Also, a carpet that does not trap dust usually wears off extremely fast. Time to educate yourself on some of the worst upholstery fabrics to clean.

Linen and velvet

These two often come in a combination, especially when it comes to sofas. At a first glance, they offer amazing advantages. Velvet looks quite stylish and since it was used in the production of many early-20th-century furniture pieces, it also can give a vintage appearance to any room. Linen, on the other hand, is an outstanding option for people who have allergies because dirt and dust cannot build up in its fibres. Still, both fabrics have one major downside – they wear off incredibly quickly. They are not suitable for the high-traffic areas of the house because the texture of linen carpets can crush while a velvet sofa will change its colour in patches when you sit on it.


There are different types of rayon fabrics but they all tend to shrink when they get wet. So, if you have rayon curtains or rugs in your home, you are guaranteed to damage them the moment you try to wash them. Also, rayon tends to be a very delicate fabric which is why when you are trying to clean it or remove stains from it, you need to be extra gentle and you must never use aggressive cleaning products in the process.


Sisal is most commonly used for small rugs and carpets. Why? We really have no idea because that is one of the worst carpet/rug fibres out there. It will not add cosiness to your home because it is very plain-looking. On top of it all, sisal gets dirty in no time. That is due to the way its fibres are interwoven. Dirt sticks to sisal like honey on bees. Cleaning the mess is also no fun because this fabric shrinks at the mere sight of anything that comes in a liquid form.

Fabrics that are easy to clean

Contrary to the popular belief that leather is impossible to clean, the reality of it is quite different. To clean a leather sofa, you only need a vacuuming machine and a special leather furniture conditioner. Other upholstery fabrics that are extremely easy not only to sanitise but also to maintain include denim and microfiber. If you have pets or kids, stick to these options. If not, opt for a comprehensive sofa cleaning service in London and let the skilled technicians save the day.