We have all heard about spring cleaning but not many of us know about winter cleaning. Unlike the former, winter cleaning is done not just once a year. It is something that you need to do all winter long. This is necessary because our homes are generally dirtier during the winter because of:

  • The rainy and snowy weather
  • The heating in the house
  • The streets covered in rock salt
  • The increased moisture

By changing up your cleaning routine for the winter you will survive the flu season and maintain your home in such a clean condition that you will be able to breeze through your spring cleaning routine like a real champ.

Pay special attention to your source of heat

How do you keep your home warm during the winter? A fireplace, air-conditioning, central heating – it does not matter what you use during the coldest months of the year. What it matters is to regularly clean your heater. For example, you must clean your vent or AC filters every week. In that way, your home will be less dusty and more health-friendly.

Clean more regularly

Sink cleaningA general cleaning rule to which you should stick throughout the winter is to clean on a more regular basis. For instance, instead of dusting and vacuuming once a week, do that twice every week. The amount of dust particles and smog in the air tends to greatly increase during the coldest weeks of the year. So, you will need to step up your cleaning game a bit if you want to live in a clean house.

Keep the winter outside

When you are entering your home, remember that your shoes are covered in snow, mud and water. Take them off at the door or at least place a few towels or a large dormant on which you can wipe your shoes. If you have a dog, put another towel by the door which you can use to wipe your furry pet’s paws before you let it in the house.

Do a deep cleaning

Even if you vacuum your carpets every few days, they still won’t be as clean as they normally are. However, if you use a comprehensive deep cleaning service in London, you will solve that problem. Hire a team of trained cleaning technicians to steam clean your carpeting and you will quickly notice how the quality of the air in your home will improve and there will be less dust in the rooms.

Don’t let moisture get your tiles

Winter can increase the humidity and moisture in your home. That can colour and stain your tiles and grout and once that happens, there is no turning back. Therefore, wipe your kitchen and bathroom tiles every day or two. To preserve the grout clean, you can use a grout sealer or a tile proctor spray which will keep the dirt, mould and mildew away.

Destroy the germs in your home

You will have better odds against the terrible winter colds and the flu if you make a habit out of cleaning the light switches, handles and remote controls in your house. These are the dirtiest places in any home as every member of the household gets in regular contact with them.