Having guests over can be very exciting but it can also be incredibly stressful, especially if you are expecting someone you don’t know well. We all and we all strive to make a good impression by welcoming them into a neat, clean and cosy want to make our guests feel comfortable environment. But what if your home usually looks like a big mess? Well, if you don’t want to live in a home in which chaos rules, make a habit of using comprehensive deep cleaning services in London. These days, you can find many budget-friendly solutions that will help you maintain your home:

  • Organised and clean for a long time
  • Health-friendly and clutter-free
  • Inviting and comfortable

Aside from that, however, you will need to come up with a strategic cleaning routine that will enable you to quickly clean your house before the arrival of your guests.

Sleepover or just a quick dinner?

Your pre-guest cleaning routine will depend on the type of guests you are preparing to welcome. If they will only come for a coffee and a chat or a for a dinner and a laugh, you will need to focus on the zones in your home which are for general use. If, however, your guests plan to spend a night, two or more in your house, you will need to make an extra effort when cleaning your lovely crib.

Come-and-go guests cleaning routine

Clean and neat guestroomIf the guests you are expecting will only drop by for a few hours, you can focus your cleaning routine only on the high-traffic areas of the property and those which are used by everyone. That includes the living room, kitchen, bathroom and the halls. Start by reducing the clutter in each of these places. Remember, there must be no clothes on the floor or on the furniture, no dishes in the sink and etc. Also, vacuum-clean or mop the floor and wipe all the surfaces in the commonly used rooms and areas in the house. Spray with some air-freshener here and there and voila – you are ready!

Sleepover guests cleaning routine

When your guests are planning to stay for a few nights or even for weeks, you have to clean the entire house. But do pay extra attention to the guest bedroom and the bathroom. Also, change the bed sheets in the guest bedroom and prepare necessities like clean towels and toiletries. This will make your guests feel more comfortable as they will not need to constantly come to you with awkward questions such as “Where do you keep your toilet paper?” Once again, you will need to reduce the clutter but this time you will also need to de-clutter a few additional spots like your kitchen countertops, tables and desks and even your fridge.

Another thing you should never forget when getting your home ready for the arrival of guests is to throw away the trash. That will eliminate bad odorous in the house and it will show that you have actually made an effort to keep the place in order for whoever is visiting you.