Are you proud of the way you maintain and clean your home? Good on you! Well, prepare to be shocked and maybe even a little disgusted. We have a terrible revelation which we feel the need to share with you – often, a home only appears to be clean but in reality, it is far from that. Hopefully, this is not the case with your house and it probably isn’t if you are using quality deep cleaning services in London. Still, just to be sure, go through our list of giveaway signs which show your home only appears to be clean:

  • The colour of your tile grout changes
  • An unpleasant smell is coming from your sponges and towels
  • Your socks become covered in dust and hair minutes after you have put them on
  • All handles and light switches in your house feel mucky
  • You have a secret Monica closet

Does any of these things sound familiar to you? If yes, keep reading!05

Your tile grout gets a brand-new colour

It is normal for your tile grout to change colour, right? Well, yes and no. If the change is dramatic and it seeming happens overnight, you may be dealing with mould. And the thing about mould is that if you don’t get rid of it, it will continue to thrive and take up more parts of your home. There are special grout cleaning brushes you can use to scrub off the mould and grime.

Your towels and sponges are stinky

If your sponges smell, you will need to change them with new ones. A clean sponge does not stink and if yours does, it means that it is covered with way too much bacteria, germs and God knows what other dangerous things. The same goes for your tea towels. Not many people wash them regularly enough or dry them well enough. As a result, at one point, the smell will persist even after a thorough washing.

Your socks are always dirty

You have just taken your socks out of the tumble dryer and put them on. Yet, just a minute later, they are covered in hair and dirt. This is a clear sign that your floor has not been well-cleaned. In most of the cases, that is because many people only mop their floors instead of vacuum-cleaning them first. Don’t make that mistake if you want to keep your floor and your socks clean.

Your light switches and door handles are grimy

If your fingers get sticky every time you touch the light switches or the door handles in your home, it means that you need to pay more attention to these areas the next time you clean. Studies have shown that these rank among the dirtiest spots in any house simply because most of us forget to clean them.

You have a secret Monica closet

Yes, this is indeed a Friends reference. If you have ever watched the show, you have probably quickly realised that the character of Monica has some serious OCD cleaning issues. She also has a secret closet which she always keeps locked. Why? Because she uses it to hide her clutter. If you have a Monica closet, your home is not as clean as your friends think it is.