London is among the busiest, most hectic cities on the entire planet and that’s a fact. Nearly 30 million people visit the capital just as tourists on an annual basis, but quite a few work and live here as well.

If you are new to London and you are in the middle of planning your first house removal in the capital, then you might need some practical advice on how to make the transition smoother and better.

Do not go for the cheapest offer

This goes for rent/purchase price of the property, but for other things too. Cheaper is rarely better. We know that prices in London are pretty steep and continue to rise, but you should try to at least find out what is wrong with this cheap place you have come across, and then decide whether or not you can live with it.

Find a reliable moving contractor

There are quite a few moving firms operating in London today and you might feel confused at first which one to chose. First search for those that operate in the boroughs and districts you will be relocating from and to, because they are likely to give you the best value for money. Then do not be shy to get in touch with all of them in order to get the feel for the customer service and to request a free quote from all of them. Checking online reviews is also a good way to evaluate whether or not you can trust the contractor in question.

Make sure you get your rental deposit back

Security deposits make up a rather considerable sum, so it would be a pity if you lose them. The easiest way to get your money is to hire a professional cleaning firm in order to spur up the place and make the landlord happy. Sure, you will have to pay for it, but you will be earning more at the end of the day.

Start planning well in advance

LondonThe key to successfully moving house in a big city such as London – though it goes for countryside villages as well – is in the preparation. You should prepare your moving checklist which includes all the things you have to take care of in the process and then start taking care of these things one by one. You will notice that having an iron-clad plan also reduces the stress and strain of the whole process.

Take care of the utilities at your new place

Installing internet connection, heating and even electricity can take up to a couple of weeks, so do not wait for you to arrive at your new place in order to call the suppliers. Do that well before you move, so that you spare yourself unpleasant surprises that can make your moving experience unpleasant. After all, that is not the point, right?

And remember, plan, work hard and have a positive attitude, and you will have no chance to fail. Moving in London can be exciting and fun.