The purpose of using a cleaning service is to make your life a little easier. However, many of the clients of professional cleaning companies do not seem to get the point of such solutions. The thought of letting someone into their home to do their own cleaning chores seems to make them feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed which is why they do a lot of strange things before the cleaners arrive. They spend hours preparing to welcome the technicians just like they would do if they expect an important guest. If you are among those people, it is time to break the habit because it spoils all the fun that a trusted cleaning service can offer you. The only things that you can do to make the job of your cleaners easier are:

  • Unplug appliances when you have instructed the pros to clean them
  • Avoid leaving clutter around the house (piles of clothes on the floor, cluttered cupboard surfaces, etc.)
  • Get all pets and kids out of the way
  • Make the beds
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink

So, let’s see if you are doing something wrong.

Pre-clean the house

Do you clean your home to prepare it for the cleaners? Don’t! There is no point in being afraid or nervous that someone else will see that your carpet is dirty if you have hired that someone to clean your carpet. Trust us, experienced cleaning professionals have seen it all and they are not easily shocked. Plus, they are very discreet so no one will ever learn your dirty little secrets.

Try to hide their mess

Some people who are embarrassed with their messy home but do not have the time to pre-clean it may resort to other odd measures – coving up their mess. Hiding the dirty dishes in the oven, putting unfolded clothes under the bed… you’d be surprised how creative some customers can be.


Mistake house cleaning services for housekeeping services

If you have opted for an effective upholstery cleaning service in London, do not expect the cleaners to make your bed, do your laundry or iron your clothes. Even if you book a full house cleaning, the service will still not feature additional chores like these ones. Why? Because a cleaning technician is not the same thing as a housekeeper. Therefore, if you want someone to help you keep your home organised, clean and neat-looking, you should hire the latter rather than the former.

Spend a fortune on cleaning supplies and tools

Most licensed cleaning companies will send fully equipped teams. Therefore, you will not need to buy special cleaning supplies or equipment which they can use. That is unless you have specific requirements on the way you want your home to be sanitised and you want the experts to use a certain brand of a detergent, for example. That, however, is a rare exception and most cleaning firms prefer to use their own supplies and machines. You should not try to convince them of the opposite because if you end up disappointed with their work, they may decide to blame it on the tools and products you gave them.