The world’s first electric bread toaster was invented in 1893 and the very first domestic refrigerator hit the market in 1913. In the 1940s, the microwave became commercially available in the U.S. Fast-forward to the 2000s – the time when the world welcomed the first robot vacuum cleaner. Although it took this autonomous cleaning appliance several years to engage the interest of a wider spectrum of clients, it now seems that robot cleaners are here to stay. If you have joined this new cleaning craze, make the most out of your new purchase with these easy hacks and tricks:

  • Carefully read all the instructions
  • Use its height control function
  • Keep clutter and water away from the device
  • Check on it from time to time
  • Do not overuse it

Read the manual

Every robot cleaner comes with a different set of functions, safety instructions and maintenance requirements. For detailed information on all of these things, rely on the device’s manual.

Adjust its height according to the surface

Now that you have read your device’s instructions booklet, you know that you can adjust its height depending on the height of the surface you want it to clean. Flat hardwood or tiled floors can be vacuumed at a lower height setting but fluffy and thick carpets are best cleaned at a greater height. Some robovacs have automatic height adjustment. So, if you are not particularly tech-savvy, it is best if you buy such a model.

Remove large pieces of rubbish and dirt from the floor

Self-drive cleaners cannot jump over cords and wires or collect big chunks of rubbish or dirt. Therefore, before you switch it on, clear out the floor to provide the gadget with easy access to every inch of your floor.

Do not use on wet surfaces

Just like you should never use a regular vacuum cleaner on a wet surface, you should provide your robot friend with a dry workspace. Failing to do so may damage the gadget.

Inspect it every now and then

These smart devices use special sensors to move around the room and to detect dust and dirt. Sometimes these sensors can get dirty and that will prevent your robovac from doing its jobs property. Also, due to their unimpressive battery life, you need to check regularly to see when it needs to be charged.

Know its limits and disadvantages

Robot vacuum cleaners are an excellent gadget for some people but for others, they just end up being a huge and unnecessary expense. If you don’t want to fall into the second category of consumers, read more about this piece of electronic before you splurge on it. That will help you learn more about both its advantages and disadvantages. It will not be a good idea to invest into such an appliance if your floors are covered in thick and high carpets or rugs, for instance, since robot vacuums cannot clean these surfaces properly or all. Also, their battery life is not quite long which means that if you are living in a large house, you may need to purchase two such gadgets. The greatest disadvantage of robot cleaners is that they can only vacuum clean your floor. So, if you want to sanitise your furniture without moving a finger, you will need to use efficient sofa cleaning services in London, for instance. Simply said, do weigh in all the pros and cons of this device before you invest in it.