End of Tenancy Cleaning 101 – Things You Need to Know

End of tenancy cleaning is a very serious chore. One that needs to be addressed with the proper preparation and diligence if you would like to come out of it with triumph. Fortunately, there are several simple rules that you need to follow and you are not going to have problems with achieving what you are after.


Odd Things People Do Before Their Cleaner Comes

The purpose of using a cleaning service is to make your life a little easier. However, many of the clients of professional cleaning companies do not seem to get the point of such solutions. The thought of letting someone into their home to do their own cleaning chores seems to make them feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed which is why they do a lot of strange things before the cleaners arrive. They spend hours preparing to welcome the technicians just like they would do if they expect an important guest. If you are among those people, it is time to break the habit because it spoils all the fun that a trusted cleaning service can offer you. The only things that you can do to make the job of your cleaners easier are:


Maintaining Your Cleaning Tools in a Top Shape

To be able to quickly and thoroughly clean your home, you need to arm yourself with the right cleaning tools, right? We are confident that you are already well-aware of that fact. But did you know that you should also make an effort to maintain your cleaning equipment in a clean and good condition? If you come to think of it, that makes a lot of sense. After all, if you use a scrub brush to clean your bathroom’s floor, the gunk and the slime does not miraculously disappear into thin air. It just transfers to your brush. So, each time you are using that same cleaning tool, the end result will be less and less effective… unless you create a habit out of keeping your cleaning equipment in an immaculate condition. Since it will take us ages to go through all types of tools that you can use to clean your house or apartment, we will only focus on some of the most common of them which include:


Essential Chores to Take Care of Regularly

Keeping your house immaculately clean is the best way to ensure that you live your life in a healthy, comfortable fashion. The only problem that occurs at this point is that most of us are consumed by the busy lifestyle that defines the modern world. After tending to your professional and social duties, it is more than likely that you have very little time to spare for cleaning and keeping clutter at bay at your apartment or house. Let’s not forget that a person needs time to just rest and relax. If you want your home to look good and still enjoy life, there is a way. The key is to tend to the basic, most important chores on a regular basis. If you wonder what those are, we are here to help you out.


Make Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkling Clean

Stainless steel appliances have an elegant and modern look that brings everything together, and every kitchen has few. However, the only disadvantage of such appliances is that they easily get stained and marked by fingerprints and they require a gentle cleaning approach to avoid damaging their surface. Cleaning stainless steel appliances can be challenging. But, if you use proper cleaning products and strategies, maintaining such pieces of domestic equipment will be easy and quick. Here are a few simple ways to clean stainless steel for a flawless finish.


Cleaning Hacks for Pet-owners

If you have ever owned a pet, you certainly know that the joy that a small furry friend can bring into your life is so big that you become willing to put up with things like:


Cleaning and Caring for Antique Furniture

Having even just one antique furniture piece in your home can make your decor look more sophisticated and it will add some personality to it. However, cleaning and maintaining a vintage furniture piece is not as easy as you probably think it is because you:


Simple Tips on Setting up a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning chores are something not many people are thrilled about. But cleaning your house on a regular basis ensures a healthy and safe environment for living. For this reason, setting up a cleaning schedule is something we should all think about.


5 Simple Tips to Do Chores in the Right Order

Most people think that doing any cleaning chore around the house regardless of the time or order is considered good cleaning. But whether you clean your house every day or only during weekends, there is a certain order you can also apply to make your clean-up easier and quicker. More

Cleaning Up London – One Glass Chimney at a Time


Scientists have been quite bold in their endeavours when it comes to carrying out cleaning around the planet. Naturally, they have issued a few warnings, such as global warming, a significant increase of plastic material in the seas, and the general recycling of everyday products in the big cities. London may now hold the key to clean air – a pressing issues that has seen multiple countries around Europe struggle with their energy needs. Through the development of new glass chimneys, scientists promise to clean the city’s air. If the experiment proves successful, the air of London may significantly improve and even dispel the slightest hint of dangerously high pollutants free-floating in our daily lives. More