Expecting Guests – It’s Time to Clean the House

Clean and neat guestroom

Having guests over can be very exciting but it can also be incredibly stressful, especially if you are expecting someone you don’t know well. We all and we all strive to make a good impression by welcoming them into a neat, clean and cosy want to make our guests feel comfortable environment. But what if your home usually looks like a big mess? More

Essential Winter Cleaning Tips

Sink cleaning

We have all heard about spring cleaning but not many of us know about winter cleaning. Unlike the former, winter cleaning is done not just once a year. It is something that you need to do all winter long. This is necessary because our homes are generally dirtier during the winter because of:

  • The rainy and snowy weather
  • The heating in the house
  • The streets covered in rock salt
  • The increased moisture


Professional Advice for Cleaning Your Kitchen

An organised kitchen

We do not think that there can be any argument of the fact that the kitchen is one of the home’s most important areas. It is the place where you prepare your food and usually spend the majority of your time in. It can be cosy and comfortable and healthy, but it can also be dirty, dingy and rather unpleasant. It all depends on the way you keep it. Unfortunately, kitchen cleaning is proven to be one of the toughest chores there is. More

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning is seen as more or less a tradition. After the end of each harsh, cold winter, people tend to spend a couple of days cleaning and taking away all trash that has been accumulated on their properties in the past several months. Spring cleaning has become something like a tradition in Western culture as of the past several decades, but the truth is that there are quite a few benefits to it as well. More

Cleaning Tips – How to Clean a Wool Carpet

Wool carpet

Aren’t wool carpets and rugs just lovely? They are so beautiful, soft and they can make any room feel cosy. Wool carpeting may be more expensive compared to other carpet fabrics but it offers many great advantages. For example, rugs made of wool:

  • Are more eco-friendly since they are bio-degradable
  • Can make a room seem cooler on hot and humid days
  • Have more intense and vivid colours due to the texture of the carpet’s fibres


Household features that you should deep clean

Kitchen cabinetry

Some things have more capricious sanitation requirements than others. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards six home features that you should deep clean systematically. More

Banish the Dust Bunnies from Your Home

Dust bunny

Did you know that there are dust bunnies in nearly every home around the world? Compared to a regular bunny, however, these ones are neither cute nor harmless. That is why you will need to go on a dust bunny hunt around your house. But before that, you must get to know the enemy and learn a few tricks that will help you walk away with a victory. More

How to clean your bedroom quickly but efficiently

Let us be honest and admit up front that very few people in the world truly enjoy cleaning their bedroom. With this being said this does not mean that you should neglect your sanitation duties sleep in the dirty room. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards a helpful tutorial that will permit you to promptly and yet effectively clean your bedroom from top to bottom. More

Six common upholstery fabrics

Upholstery materials

Upholstery pieces are beautiful furnishings that are often the focal point of a room. They also get a lot of use, which makes choosing the right fabric of paramount importance because failing to do so, will result into an area, which is furnished with worn and torn furniture. You should know that there are numerous types of upholstery fabric, and our glossary will help you learn their advantages and disadvantages. More

Moving homes in London for the first time – here are some practical tips


London is among the busiest, most hectic cities on the entire planet and that’s a fact. Nearly 30 million people visit the capital just as tourists on an annual basis, but quite a few work and live here as well. More