The very idea behind a vacuum cleaner is to make your cleaning routine more effective and to also save you time. Despite that wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could complete this chore even faster? There is a way to make that possible. You just need to:

  • Reassess your cleaning schedule
  • Take good care of your vacuuming machine
  • Start your cleaning routine with tasks such as decluttering and dusting
  • Learn how to vacuum-clean like a pro

Some of you may have already been enlightened about the art of speedy vacuuming or may be familiar with some of the concepts and tips that we will discuss here. However, to enjoy an ultra-fast floor cleaning, you will need to know and use the full package of vacuuming hacks.

Vacuum on a regular basis

It is recommended to vacuum-clean at least once a week. Two times a week is also an option unless you have a lot of delicate carpets and rugs around the house. That will prevent dust and dirt to build up in the fibres of your carpeting which will be very hard to get rid of without using high-quality carpet cleaning services in London. Of course, the latter is something you should opt for every six months, especially when you are spring cleaning but if you do not vacuum regularly, you will end up needing professional help every few weeks.

Maintain your vacuum cleaner in a pristine condition

You need to clean your vacuum cleaner. Change your filter often and clean the hose. In that way, the machine’s airflow will not be blocked and you will be able to do a more effective job. Otherwise, you will be just going through the motions without achieving much of a result.

Don’t put the cart before the horse

It is impossible to vacuum your floor if it is covered with piles of clutter. Clear the dancefloor before you start busting moves on it. Another important thing you need to take care of prior to vacuum cleaning your home is dusting. There is no point in dusting after you have vacuumed the entire house. Part of dirt that was trapped in the fibres of the rugs will end up on all surfaces and force you to dust again. You will do yourself a big favour if you leave this task for later.

Learn the basics of a good vacuuming technique

Now that we have carpet for the first time, we need a vacuum for the first time. Behold the lovely little Miele, which nicely sucks up all of the fuzzy bits of wool which the new carpet is prone to shed.

If you arm yourself with the right vacuuming skills and technique, you will breeze through this domestic chore like it’s nothing. Rule #1 – change or empty your vacuum cleaner bag often. Do not let it fill to the brim because, by that time, it will stop collecting the dust and dirt from the floor properly. Rule #2, do not vacuum too quickly. We know that you want to get over with all of this as soon as possible but if you don’t take your time with this task, you will not be happy with the end result and may even need to re-vacuum your house.