Carpets are not made to last forever. Still, that does not mean that you cannot extend their lifecycle. The most important keyword here is “cleaning.” If you clean your carpets in a wrong way, you may affect their quality in a very bad way. Some of the biggest enemies of carpets include:

  • Stains and spots
  • Dirt and dust
  • Worn-down patches
  • Fading colours

However, if you follow our cleaning tips, you will not need to worry about either of these things.

Don’t give stains a chance

Spilling a drink or dropping a plate with greasy food on your carpeting is extremely unpleasant. But things like that happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent this fact. However, what you can prevent is letting the spill turn into a stain. When such an accident occurs, treat the affected spot as soon as you can. There is no point into postponing this task for later because by then the liquid will be well-settled into the fibres of the carpet.

Avoid coloured towels

When washing your carpets or cleaning stains off of them, most people use towels because they have a soft texture and are less likely to stretch or damage the fibres of the carpeting. Nevertheless, do not use a towel that is coloured because it may dye parts of your carpet when it is wet. Also, don’t scrub the surface of your rugs when you clean them. Instead, gently blot them if you don’t want to damage them.

Clean your carpets regularly but with some moderation

CarpetsDirt can easily build up in carpets. Once that happens, your family will become exposed to various bacteria and allergens which will threaten their health. To prevent that from happening, clean your carpets regularly. Stick to that rule even for carpeting in rooms which are not used every day. However, try not to clean them daily because such an intense vacuuming schedule will greatly shorten the life of your carpet. If you suffer from an allergy or you have a furry pet and you need to vacuum the high traffic areas of the house on a daily basis, simply switch the vacuum cleaner to a gentler mode of operation.

If you have the habit of washing your carpet every two or three months, leave it to dry in shade. Direct sunlight can make its colours fade and once that happens there is no turning back.

Professional carpet cleaning services are a must

Once or twice every year, you should rely on the services of trained carpet cleaners. Even if you are confident in your carpet cleaning skills and even if you own a powerful vacuum machine, you still won’t be able to completely git rid of built-up dirt, dust mites, bacteria and etc. Professional carpet cleaning companies, on the other hand, use specialised equipment for dry and steam cleaning. As a result, they can effectively sanitise your carpet, eliminating many of the old stains from its surface and making it look as good as new.