It seems that people fall into some sort of hibernation during the winter because as soon as spring knocks on the door, everyone suddenly feels inspired to pick up a broom and to start cleaning their home. Well, the arrival of the spring does not trigger the same amount of enthusiasm in us all. If you are struggling to find the strength to spring clean, you may have a change of heart after you familiarise yourself with the many benefits of spring cleaning.

It is good for your health

Unlike regular cleaning, spring cleaning is more thorough and it includes even those hard-to-reach spots like the big chandelier in the living room or the wall behind the fridge. Those are areas which most of us tend to ignore when they do their weekly cleaning and tidying up routine. It is namely these places in which allergens hide. So, if you have an allergy, you will greatly alleviate allergy symptoms by kicking off the new season with a major home sanitation. Plus, by doing a spring cleaning you will reduce risks of developing an allergy.

A great excuse to declutter

Feeling like you want to downsize your house? There is no better time to do that than during the spring cleaning season. Whether you like it or not, you will have to go through all of your stuff, including those you no longer use or need. Therefore, instead of putting that old pair of jeans which went out of fashion seven years ago back into your overcrowded wardrobe, simply throw them away or donate them.

You can even make some extra money

While you declutter, you will certainly come upon a number of well-preserved pieces of clothing, furniture and etc. which, for some reason, you don’t want to keep. Instead of throwing them away, you can try selling them online or through a garage sale. Well, you will not make a fortune but you can still end up with a good sum of money in your pocket.

Opportunity to find your missing sock

Soapy WaterAre you missing a sock or a maybe a trendy hat? Now is the time to find it! If you spring clean you will have the chance to re-encounter many of the items that have mysteriously gone missing over the past few months. Clothes, books, accessories, keys… all those things that you know are lying somewhere around your house, will be rediscovered during the spring cleaning process. If you still fail to find them in the end, chances are you went a little easy on the cleaning part of this process or that you have lent them to someone who has forgotten to return them to you.

If you are still lacking spring cleaning inspiration, just take a closer look at your dirty windows or try to make this task a little more bearable by:

  • Asking a friend to help you
  • Creating an energising cleaning playlist
  • Spring clean a room or two at a time
  • Hire a professional cleaning company