Everyday cleaning chores are a great way to be physically active. It is a sort of a workout that keeps your house clean and sparkling along the way. But, if you are experiencing pain in your back, you need to take care of yourself and organize your cleanups so you do not push yourself over the limit. Performing certain tasks might continually remind you that your back is very important part of your body and a crucial tool when cleaning up your house.

However, in order to avoid stressing of your spine, bones and muscles, you need to avoid certain cleaning chores or find alternative ways to complete them without experiencing severe pain. Note, the following tips are appropriate for people suffering from chronic back pain, contusions as well as pregnant women.

Vacuuming and mopping

Vacuuming can cause back pain because as we push the vacuum cleaner to the side, we put a lot repetitive rotational pressure on the spine. This causes the pain. But, we can ease that pain if we change our posture and reduce the stress on the spine. Instead of putting the vacuum to the side, put it in front of you. Bend your knees instead of bending your back. This way the spine doesn’t suffer too much stress and you can safely continue with vacuuming.

Back PainAlso when mopping, we have to bend our back to a certain degree in order to clean the floor. All mops have short handles which causes this problem in the first place. Other issue arises when we try to squeeze the mop. We bend again, putting a lot of stress on our backs. The solution here is to stand straight up to avoid burden on the back. Buy a mop with a long handle and use both of your hands when mopping.

Lifting items

Lifting items can cause back pain, even when it comes to the items that are not heavy. Bend from the knees and not from the back when lifting things. Also, never twist when lifting an object. This way you will put less stress on your spine and back and more on your knees. Also, spread your legs before the lift. You should always keep items as close as possible to you before picking them up. Distance between you and the object should me minimal so be careful.

Cleaning your tub

Bending over and putting a lot of effort and strength into cleaning the tub can be overwhelming for people who suffer from back pain. Reach your tub to clean it over the side is not a good idea if you have back pain. There is a simple solution to this problem which is more than effective as well. Next time you decide to shower, get into the tub and clean it first. If you need to spray it with a cleaner first to disinfect, do it. Sit in it and slowly clean, avoiding pressure to your spine.

Even the simplest chores can be tricky for people who suffer from back pain. But this doesn’t mean they should give up. There are always smarter ways to complete some chores, but it is also very important to know the source of your pain and how serious it is.