Carpets and rugs are notoriously complex to keep clean. If you love the way your beautiful area rugs make the rooms of your home look, but you are tired of trying to maintain them in a prime condition, do not rush to throw them away. First, try some of the several tips we have gathered for you here. Tested numerous times in the field, they will help you immensely with both the everyday maintenance of the area rugs around the house, but also when special circumstances occur.

Check the materials

The most important thing that you should be acquainted with if you want optimal results in your area rug sanitation, is to know what fabrics the rugs in question are made of. Natural and synthetic materials require different approaches, and so do the many different types of fabrics rugs are made of. It is best to follow the instructions for cleaning that were left by the manufacturer.

Get the proper supplies

Cleaning of a carpet and a rug cannot be done without the right tools at hand. You are going to need at least:

If you want to keep your area rugs looking as well as possible at all times, and be prepared to face the challenges of an accidental food or wine spill, then you just need to have those things in your home.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

In some cases, it proves simply impossible to clean your rugs on your own. If a stain or dirt build-up is giving you too much trouble, then look for a reliable carpet cleaning in London from a responsible and authorised service provider. The technicians that are to be sent to your place will have access to advanced tools, detergents and methods and you will not have to worry about a thing – they will do a much better job, faster than you could ever hope to achieve.

Be persistent

In many cases, especially in high traffic areas of your home, running a vacuum once a week might not be enough to maintain your area rugs in good shape. Other contributing factors such as having pets or small children as members of your household can complicate things even further and require nearly daily tending. The good news is that in most cases, sparing just ten minutes a day (or even less!) keeping your area rugs clean will be enough.

Homemade tricks work too

Even though there are commercial detergents that are very efficient in removing stains (e.g. from wine, food sauces and pets), it is possible that you do not have them with you right now. Stains, however, are best to be removed as soon as they occur, which is why you might need to resort to DIY solutions – which is not that bad. Baking soda, as you probably know, is perfect for removing bad odours (such as pet urine). White vinegar and water solution (1:2) will remove almost any stain. White wine is often used to remove stains made by red wine etc.

Keep a list of tested homemade recipes if you want the most natural way to keep your area rugs clean.