The living room, family room, lounge or whatever you call it is a real activity hub where it all happens. It the place where the entire family kicks back to relax, watch a movie, read books and the favourite place for kids to play. However, after these activities, there’s always clutter left behind, including toys all over the floor, magazines and newspapers piled on the coffee table and crumbs are all over the sofa. You somehow need to control this mess and the best way to do it is to create and stick to a weekly cleaning routine to keep your living room in a pristine condition. Here’s how to do it.

Cleaning equipment needed for the clean-up

Declutter and straighten up

If you have been following your daily cleaning routine, then your living room is in good shape. And if not, it will take you a bit longer to clear the mess. You can start with opening all of the curtains and letting the light in. Shake them well to dislodge dust. And if you have blinds, make sure you dust them first before opening. Next task is to pick up the trash and place it in the trash bags. And finally, make sure all items inside the room are taken back to their respective storage locations.

Tackle hard surfaces

Start dusting using a lightly wet microfiber cloth. Start from top to bottom, and from left to right and try not to miss a spot. Tackle the window casings, furniture and decorations and always pick up an item when dusting around it. After you’re done with dusting, polish your furniture with a dry cloth. If you choose to use a furniture polish, remember not to apply it directly onto furniture. Instead, put it on a cleaning cloth first.

The next hard surfaces are glass ones. Polish all glass surfaces in your living room, working the room left to right, top to bottom. Use a dry microfiber cloth and your glass polish. Once the cloth becomes too damp, prevent streaks by replacing it with a dry one. Tackle table tops, picture fronts, interior windows, glass décor, etc. And finally, don’t forget doorknobs, light switches and door jambs.

Soft furnishings/upholstery

The best way to clean your sofa and other furniture in your living room is to hire a professional sofa cleaning in London. But you can achieve immaculate results on your own if you first vacuum your furniture using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment. You will eliminate crumbs and other dirt under seating cushions, in the front, back and sides of your sofa and chairs. Next, use the crevice attachment to vacuum around the base of walls and heavy furniture. Now, vacuum the throw rugs and then the floor. Move floor lamps, footstools and other items placed on the floor and clean beneath them as well.

Wrapping up

Your weekly living room cleaning routing is almost over. It wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, you can add some finishing touches to your clean-up. Put away your vacuum and cleaning supplies and throw away the trash. And finally, spray the room with your favourite air freshener.