The most indispensable cleaning appliance continues to be the vacuuming machine. Regardless of the type of floors or upholstery furniture you have in your home, a vacuum will help you maintain almost any area of your property free of dust, pollens, allergens, dirt, etc. In the last few years, a new type of vacuuming machines has flooded the marked – bagless! Similar to bagged models, they:

  • Are offered at a standard price
  • May feature special HEPA filters
  • Require a little bit of maintenance and cleaning
  • Come in various sizes and capacities

And yet, which type of vacuum cleaners should you choose? The good old bagged or the new trendy bagless? Well, that all depends on what you are looking for in such a household appliance.

Bagless vacuuming machines are cheaper to maintain

If you choose to go with this model, you will not need to bother buying and replacing dust bags. In the long-term, that can save you a good sum of money. What is more, imagine that the manufacturer of your bagged machine decided to discontinue its production and support. That will force you to invest in a newer model whether you like it or not. Therefore, a bagless option is always the more timeless and affordable option of the two.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are more suitable for people with allergies

The tiny bags that go inside your bagged vacuum cleaner may cost money but if you happen to suffer from an allergy, they can make a very smart and health-friendly investment. That is because they contain the dust particles that the machine has collected during the cleaning process. This means that there is no risk for you to inhale them. The same cannot be said for bagless cleaners.

Bagless vacuums are more eco-friendly

Most of the vacuum bags are non-recyclable. As for those that can be reused – they are rarely recycled because recycling plants often associate this process with unjustifiably high expenses. So, if you love nature and want to protect it, go bagless.

Bagged vacuuming machines don’t require cleaning (for the most part)

Whenever you have to empty a bag-free vacuuming machine, you need to clean and wipe its container very thoroughly. That can be a slow and messy task and if you lack the time or the patience for it, you may prefer for all the dirt and dust to simply go inside a disposable bag which you can quickly toss and replace without any hassle as soon as it reaches its full capacity. You just need to make sure you always have a new bag at hand. But even if you don’t, one quick trip to your local store can solve this type of emergencies.

Choosing the right vacuuming machine is more about your personal preferences rather than the machine itself. No matter what type of a vacuum cleaner you choose to buy, avoid overspending. Even the most expensive cleaning appliance out there will not be as effective as a top-notch carpet cleaning in London or some other professional home sanitisation solution out there.