Having guests from out of town often means that they will need to crash at your place. If you want to be a good host and to make a good impression on them, you need to prepare your house or flat for their visit. How? By cleaning it, of course! You certainly would not want to make your friends or relatives feel grossed out which is why thorough cleaning is in order. The pre-guest cleaning home checklist of every self-respected host should feature:

  • The guest bedroom
  • The kitchen – particularly the refrigerator and the surfaces
  • The bathroom– sink and toilet bowl are in the focus here
  • Door handles
  • Light switches

That is not everything but if you want to be more meticulous, you should simply opt for a quality deep cleaning in London. Those who are pressed by time, need to grab their cleaning supplies and get to wiping, mopping and dusting immediately.

The guest room

It goes without saying that you should pay extra attention to the guest bedroom when you are preparing to open your home to visitors. Make sure that you have properly vacuumed the carpet, dusted and wiped all surfaces and removed all clutter from there. Also, you must not forget to put some freshly washed bedding and sheets, as well as a few clean towels which they can use.

The kitchen

Even if you will be the one who will do all the cooking, your guests will still get to use the kitchen whenever they want to have a glass of water or enjoy a quick snack. After all, you should not forget that a home’s common areas include not only the living room, hallways and washrooms but also the kitchen.

The refrigerator

Start cleaning the kitchen by organising and sanitising your fridge. By that, we do not only mean to wipe its exterior. You need to pay more attention to cleaning the insides of your refrigerator. Check for spoilt or smelly food, wipe spills and clean stains. Arrange everything in a neat order so that your guests can find what they need quickly and easily.

All the surfaces

Clear out any unnecessary items from the cupboard and cabinet surfaces in the kitchen and then wipe them. Even if your entire house or apartment has been excellently cleaned, cluttered surfaces can leave an impression of a dirty and disorganised home.

The bathroom

If you normally like to keep your bathrobe in your bathroom, you will need to hang it somewhere else during the stay of your friends or relatives. Your guests need to feel comfortable in your home and if they don’t have a place to hang their towels when they want to have a shower, that will create an inconvenience for them. Also, thoroughly wash the toilet bowl, the sink and the shower. You may also consider replacing your shower curtain if it is too grimy.

Door handles and light switches

Light switches and door knobs are among the dirtiest things in an average house and flat. Even if they do not look dirty, they need to be wiped and disinfected prior to the arrival of your guests. Do the same once they leave because door handles and light switches are a magnet for viruses and an excellent breeding ground for germs. So excellent indeed that these minuscule trouble-makers may survive on them hours or even days after the person who has unknowingly put them there has left the property.