When she saw the big stain in the middle of the living room rug, she immediately thought of the family pet. Although she loved that dog and its big, saucer-like eyes, she suspected that this furry creature was the perpetrator of this hyaenic crime. But then it hit her – it may have been her husband or any one of their kids that had stained her precious floor covering. She was quick to launch an investigation into the matter. However, after she carefully interviewed all of her prime suspects, she reached a dead-end – everyone was denying her accusations, including the family dog which barked energetically against her ill-grounded accusations. Now what?

You may have felt like the lead character in a similar mystery stain case in which you have no idea what or who caused the stain but you have the entire “pleasure” of cleaning it somehow. To avoid the dead-end scenario and to successfully solve this mystery adhere to these few strategies in the order in which they are given:

  1. Inspect the stain
  2. Start with a gentle cleaning approach
  3. Don’t rush it
  4. Upgrade to a different cleaning tool
  5. Call back-up cleaning units

Inspect the stain

Pay attention to the colour and smell of the stain. For instance, if it is colourless, it may be caused by bleach and if it grey, it may be something greasy or oily. Also, take into account the exact location in which this mess has occurred. If it is in the kitchen, there are high chances that it may have been caused by food or a spilled drink.

Start with a gentle cleaning approach

If you fail to determine the stain’s origin during the inspection, make a solution of mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Avoid bringing in the heavy arsenal (bleaches and aggressive detergents) from the very beginning. The stain may surprise you and surrender easily.

Don’t rush it

After you have sprayed the stain, let the solution sit for a while (approximately 30 minutes). That will increase your chances of winning this fight.

Upgrade to a different cleaning tool

Half an hour has passed but that terrible smudge has remained clearly visible. It’s time to put the bullet in the chamber… or to rather put your cleaning tools to good use. Get a microfibre cloth and a brush and try rubbing the stain off the affected surface or fabrics. It may need a little push.

Call the back-up cleaning units

If your efforts continue to be fruitless, you are dealing with a classic case of a stubborn stain. But do not even think of spraying it with bleach or a toxic detergent! That may cause irreversible damage to your home. Pick up the phone and call your local team of cleaning technicians. They will be able to provide you with all-around sanitation solutions such as top-notch sofa cleaning in London. More importantly, these seasoned professionals have been trained to solve mystery stain cases ala Sherlock Holmes-style.

Case closed!