If you are like most UK homeowners, you have probably done your annual spring cleaning a few weeks ago. Maybe you are even part of the new trend in the country in which people rely on professional assistance to get their house in order and to have it fully sanitised after the long and cold winter season or namely using efficient spring cleaning services in London, for instance. Get ready because another round of cleaning is on its way – summer cleaning. Even if you have never summer-cleaned your property, know that it is something which you should not postpone doing anymore because it will help you maintain your house or flat in a better condition, keep your living spaces neat and organised and it will even allow you sleep better. If that sounds good to you, start working your way through this summer cleaning checklist by focusing your efforts on:

  • The outdoor areas of your property
  • Your closet or wardrobe
  • The washing machine
  • All the mattresses in your home

Why these places and items need to be thoroughly cleaned at the start of the hottest season of the year is something we will try to answer in the next few paragraphs.

Outdoor areas, furniture and appliances

When the weather gets warmer, we start to spend more time outside. Therefore, if you have a garden, backyard or even just a small patio, take the time to cut the grass, trim the bushes and wipe the outdoor furniture. Do not forget to also clean and BBQ if you want your grilled meals to have an excellent taste.

Your closet

This is a task which you need to do with the arrival of every new season be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. By doing so, you will be able to easily find the right clothes for the scorching temperatures outside. Also, will be able to set aside items you did not get to wear during the spring because they were no longer a good fit or a trendy fashion choice. Once you do that, decide whether to sell, donate or toss them.

The washing machine

Mould is a big problem in the summer. You may be surprised to learn that washing machines can be a main source of mould when they are not left to properly and fully dry after they have been used. If you do not want to make that mistake wipe the drum of the appliance after you finish doing your laundry for the day. Every now and then, run the machine at an empty cycle to prevent mouldy smells on your clothes.

Every mattress in your home

Have your mattresses deep cleaned at the start of the summer season. Sleeping in hot weather can be a bit easier if you are doing it on a freshly smelling bed. Repeat this procedure when autumn arrives to remove all the sweat from its surface. Most modern mattresses have two separate sides – one for cold temperatures and another for hot temperatures. If yours matches that description, do not forget to flip it.