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Many Reasons Why Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Mop for floor cleaning

If you drop litter, one title runs, you are likely to draw ire. Cleaning today is paramount in the minds of Londoners. Whether it concerns the general state of the city or their private adobes, the people of London want to ensure that they are living clean lives. With this in mind, dropping litter is looked upon at with contempt. More

Keeping your House Clean when You Have Back Pain

Back Pain

Everyday cleaning chores are a great way to be physically active. It is a sort of a workout that keeps your house clean and sparkling along the way. But, if you are experiencing pain in your back, you need to take care of yourself and organize your cleanups so you do not push yourself over the limit. Performing certain tasks might continually remind you that your back is very important part of your body and a crucial tool when cleaning up your house. More

Cleaning tips for a simpler life

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning your home is an activity that enables you to avoid the clutter and dirt, making you feel comfortable in the only place in the world you can be yourself.

Most of the people don’t enjoy this activity for several reasons. They do not follow certain cleaning techniques that will make the work easier or they don’t use proper cleaning products, and other. However, before you start with the cleanup, it is important that you organize yourself and create a cleaning routine that will suit you and your needs. Here are few tips on how to make your cleanup less demanding so that you actually find a way to enjoy it. More

Tips on Doing Cleaning Chores When Pregnant

A pregnant woman

Regardless of the trimester, pregnancy is guaranteed to impose many limitations on you. Even doing simple things like cleaning around the house will become trickier for you. In fact, if you are not careful, cleaning may actually harm you and your unborn child. More

Clean the Kitchen of a New House

If you have just moved in a new home, it is more than likely that the place needs some sprucing up before you can actually enjoy it in full. There is very little doubt that the kitchen is the most problematic, taunting and time-consuming location to sanitise, no matter whether we are talking about regular cleaning or specific one-off jobs like the one we will be talking about here. But the right attitude and some preparation go a long way into securing the success of such a line of work. More

Tackling the Three Most Annoying Home Cleaning Chores

A woman cleaning windows

Not a lot of people can actually say that they enjoy cleaning around their house and if you are one of the many who hates to do cleaning chores in their home, you have probably come to an interesting realisation by this time. Namely, that some housing cleaning tasks are more terrible and annoying than others. That is because they are either too:

  • Disgusting;
  • Time-consuming;
  • Physically demanding;


The best carpet cleaning tips out there

White carpet

A properly sanitised carpet not only looks good but it will last for longer. So there is really no reason why you should not make the effort to do the cleaning on a regular basis. Here are some basic tips. More

Expecting Guests – It’s Time to Clean the House

Clean and neat guestroom

Having guests over can be very exciting but it can also be incredibly stressful, especially if you are expecting someone you don’t know well. We all and we all strive to make a good impression by welcoming them into a neat, clean and cosy want to make our guests feel comfortable environment. But what if your home usually looks like a big mess? More

Essential Winter Cleaning Tips

Sink cleaning

We have all heard about spring cleaning but not many of us know about winter cleaning. Unlike the former, winter cleaning is done not just once a year. It is something that you need to do all winter long. This is necessary because our homes are generally dirtier during the winter because of:

  • The rainy and snowy weather
  • The heating in the house
  • The streets covered in rock salt
  • The increased moisture


Professional Advice for Cleaning Your Kitchen

An organised kitchen

We do not think that there can be any argument of the fact that the kitchen is one of the home’s most important areas. It is the place where you prepare your food and usually spend the majority of your time in. It can be cosy and comfortable and healthy, but it can also be dirty, dingy and rather unpleasant. It all depends on the way you keep it. Unfortunately, kitchen cleaning is proven to be one of the toughest chores there is. More