Cleaning and Caring for Antique Furniture

Having even just one antique furniture piece in your home can make your decor look more sophisticated and it will add some personality to it. However, cleaning and maintaining a vintage furniture piece is not as easy as you probably think it is because you:

  • Can’t use standard cleaning products;
  • Need to be extra careful and gentle when you clean them;
  • Must avoid exposing your furniture to extreme temperatures;
  • Have to follow many strict cleaning rules;

However, don’t be too quick to ditch your antique furniture piece. With a few simple cleaning tips, you will have zero problems caring for and maintaining your beautiful vintage furniture piece in a top shape.

Cleaning metal ornaments

While you may clean the metal ornaments on all other furniture pieces in your home with metal cleaning products, you should avoid doing that if the piece is antique. Although such cleaning supplies are not likely to damage the metal itself, they can easily destroy the wood under or around it. So, the best way to keep small metal ornaments such as keyholes and doorknobs clean is to simply dust them regularly.

Cleaning wood

It is really tricky to clean the wooden parts of antique furniture because making a mistake here is easier than you can possibly imagine. One wrong move, one lack of judgement and you can destroy the piece in seconds.

Be gentle

Old furniture pieces made of wood can be easily scratched. Even a dust feather can harm their surface, especially if some of the feathers are broken. To avoid that, use a soft cloth.

Choose the right cleaning products

Do not apply spray furniture cleaning products. With time, they will form a built-up grime residue on the surface and they will spoil the patina of the piece. Once again, use a simple soft cloth to dust the furniture and to give it some extra shine, use paste wax. Just don’t buy the cheapest available option because it will cause more damage to the piece than good. Apply a small amount of it and slowly and gently rub it (with a soft cloth) by following the wood’s grain.

In case of an emergency

If you have the misfortune to spill something on your antique furniture, do not attempt cleaning it yourself because you will make matters worse. It is best if you just call a professional furniture restorer who has the experience and the equipment to solve such issues.

Cleaning upholstery

When you find a stain or a spill on the upholstery part of your valuable antique furniture piece, you are actually allowed to clean it yourself. However, make sure you treat the affected area immediately so that you can clean it properly. It is also ok to vacuum your upholstery antique furniture as long as you use the low-power mode. And hear that, you can even deep clean this type of furniture. But just to play it safe, call a team of experienced upholstery cleaners in London. Not all cleaning techniques work for such old furniture pieces and you will definitely need an expert to make that call for you.

Simple Tips on Setting up a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning chores are something not many people are thrilled about. But cleaning your house on a regular basis ensures a healthy and safe environment for living. For this reason, setting up a cleaning schedule is something we should all think about. Making a weekly or monthly schedule for cleaning would ease cleaning and create a productive and efficient way to remove dust, do the laundry, vacuum, etc. But, it might be tricky to decide, for example, how often some tasks need to be performed, or which tasks are daily, weekly or monthly. If you have a family and kids, organizing becomes even more difficult. Here are few tips on how to set up a cleaning schedule, organize cleaning chores and make cleaning a lot easier.

Cleaning on a daily basis

Cleaning your house on a daily basis is recommended. Some chores, like washing dishes and doing laundry, as well as tidying up, are a must and they do a huge difference. Do you make your bed every morning? Do you tidy up your living room, your couch? Furthermore, some of these should be done more than once a day, like cleaning dishes. Make sure you organise chores to fit your lifestyle. If you have a family and kids, ensure that chores reflect their needs too.

Weekly chores

Some chores can be done less frequently around our homes. But still, it is important to do them regularly in order to avoid a big mess, damaged surfaces, and other. Some of the weekly chores include vacuuming, dusting, toilet cleaning, change linens and other. It’s up to you to decide when you will complete each of these tasks. Some people choose to divide up their weekly chores over each day, while some like to take care of their weekly chores all at once or twice. If you have children, ask them to participate. For example, they can help you with dusting.

Chores to complete once a month

There are chores that can be done only once a month. Some of them include:

  • dusting air vents
  • dusting ceiling fans
  • cleaning windows and windows treatments
  • cleaning carpets
  • vacuuming thoroughly (furniture, under furniture, etc.)
  • cleaning your appliances, etc.

Most of these chores can be done by adults only so you cannot expect help from your kids, because you will end up wasting your time on supervising them anyway. You can decide when to complete all your monthly chores. You can divide them into weekly chores, or another way that suits your needs. You can hire help for cleaning your carpets, for example. Rely on a fast and effective carpet cleaning service in London to thoroughly clean your carpets and you will save time and effort while getting amazing cleaning results.

Chores to complete once a year

If you regularly tackle your daily, weekly and monthly chores, seasonal cleaning won’t require much of your attention. For example, you can make a spring clean your seasonal cleaning, where you can repaint walls and declutter your garage, for example. You can choose another part of the year to clean your house thoroughly, like the weekend before the Christmas or Thanksgiving. Good thing is that entire family can participate in the seasonal cleaning. It will be fun and efficient. Bottom line, as long as you stick to your regular cleaning chores, you are good to go.

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Cleaning tips for a simpler life

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning your home is an activity that enables you to avoid the clutter and dirt, making you feel comfortable in the only place in the world you can be yourself.

Most of the people don’t enjoy this activity for several reasons. They do not follow certain cleaning techniques that will make the work easier or they don’t use proper cleaning products, and other. However, before you start with the cleanup, it is important that you organize yourself and create a cleaning routine that will suit you and your needs. Here are few tips on how to make your cleanup less demanding so that you actually find a way to enjoy it. More

Tips on Doing Cleaning Chores When Pregnant

A pregnant woman

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Clean the Kitchen of a New House

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